From Florence to Falterona passing through the wonderful woodland landscapes of our territory, 80 kilometers immersed in the nature of the Tuscan Apennine arch, which lead to the cultural rediscovery of our natural and environmental heritage.

All this is contained in the project “Le vie dell’Appennino” created by the young people of the “Group Why not?” Association which, with the creation of a new online platform, with videos, information and documents, took charge of the burden and the honor of giving the community attention to this heritage. This idea stems from the experience gained with the initiative “Lost for Italy – Persi per Italia 2017” in which the Association of Borselli participated, born in 2008 thanks to the will of many young boys who still constitute the engine and the soul of the association.

A path divided into 5 stages that can be traveled individually on different days, thanks also to the support offered by the accommodation facilities that are encountered along the way. Departing from the Tuscan capital, the journey continues towards Fiesole to then arrive and stop in two characteristic places of the Pontassievese territory: the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso and Monte Giovi, a mountain with a millenary history on whose top an Etruscan archaeological site was discovered 3000 years ago. The walk continues then touching the towns of Rufina, Borselli, Gualdo, Castel Castagnaio and Mulin di Bucchio, finally arriving at the mountain that gives life to the Arno river.

The project, also supported by the Foreste Casentinesi Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park, aims to enhance the artistic, cultural, historical and landscape heritage of the Apennine, Apennine and Florentine mountain areas.

“Le vie dell’Appennino” is sponsored by the Municipality of Pontassieve, together with those of Rufina, Pelago, Fiesole and the Metropolitan City of Florence.